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Trans Awareness Next Steps

  • A set of deeper dive courses covering subjects like transgender and non-binary history, Transgender and non-binary people in sports, Trans rights and women’s rights, Trans people in single sex spaces, best practices in global organisations for trans inclusion, Healthcare and affirmative care for trans and non-binary people. Each course takes a single subject and allows open knowledge sharing and discussion in a mixture of training and workshop formats. Single courses can be combined to produce intensive ½ or full day sessions

  • 2 hours to 1 day course and/or workshops

  • In person

Trans 101 Training

  • Basic foundation level trans awareness covering everything a person with little or no knowledge needs to gain a foothold on their first rung of their trans awareness ladder. Run as a completely safe space Bobbi covers a wide range of subjects such as the differences between Biological Sex, Gender, Sexuality and Expression, what transgender and non-binary is, how it feels to be transgender, what transitioning really is and what you can do as first steps to be an ally to the trans and non-binary community.

  • 1 to 1 1/2 hours including Q&A.

  • Virtual or in-person.


  • How to be an ally and general LGBTQIA+ training covering basic knowledge and best practices to become a better and more effective ally. Includes scenario workshops and speaking techniques in an open and fun format

  • Half or full day

  • In person


Listening Session

  • Listening session with trans and non-binary staff to provide safe space feedback and review.  Feedback on organisation inclusion and experience for trans and non-binary people. This essential session provides your staff an anonymous way of providing useful and open feedback on your organisational position and approach in a completely safe and neutral environment. I also provide the services of a qualified counsellor during the day to help people deal with what sometimes can be difficult subjects to discuss and to show them some basic resilience building techniques

  • Day or half day session of workshops

  • In person

Brave Space/ Courageous Conversations Session for Allies

  • Open and honest discussion around trans and non-binary inclusion for cisgender people. These sessions can cover any subject required and are extremely useful for those people who already have knowledge and have done their own research and wish to openly discuss subjects typically deemed sensitive. Essential for those wishing to really cement their knowledge in Transgender and non-binary inclusion

  • Requires Trans 101 and Trans Next Steps foundation training.

  • Half or full day  

  • In person

Mentoring for Employee Resource Group Leaders

  • One to one mentoring with Bobbi 

  • Virtual or in-person


Trans 101 for Executives

  • Basic awareness course as above but with specific focus on the needs and the demands faced by executive level staff

  • 1 to 1 ½ hours

  • Virtual or in-person

Executive Mentoring

Trans Awareness Listen, Learn and Challenge 

  • Trans awareness and inclusion for executives, including open challenge and discussion session. These sessions allow open discussing of sensitive subjects such as trans women in women’s spaces and sport and trans healthcare in a completely safe space. Using Bobbi’s long corporate and exec level knowledge provides a session targeted to the needs of corporate executive level managers.  

  • Fully customisable to executives and their organisational needs and challenges.

  • ½ day or full day

  • In person

  • One to one mentoring with Bobbi 

  • Virtual or in-person

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